Contest of Speed – recruiting dedicated streamers/video editors

Hello F1 fans,

About 2 years ago we started our F1 league “Contest of Speed” abbreviated “COS”. In the past 2 years we expanded our league to a total of 3 different tiers with each 20 drivers. For next season we will expand again, but we’re not going to stay within Europe… We will expand in the direction of Canada and North America. Almost a full grid is waiting to start their first season in COS – America’s.
Since season 1 we have been streaming via youtube (, this season we started to stream via Twitch ( Now we would like to stream via Twitch using Streamlabs OBS, so we can create a more TV – Show like stream.

Moving forward we would like to start creating a more professional quality stream for our audiences. With a TV quality feel. We also would like to start expanding our video output on both of our current platforms. With this in mind we’d like to invite you to join our team.

We are looking for someone with a powerful PC and a PS4 who is willing to be our dedicated stream technician for all COS events in Europe and then if possible North America as well. You would be responsible for all our audience sees when they watch so a high quality HD stream is essential. We have a Large bank of commentators who would assist you in keeping up to speed with on track action with your sole focus being the viewer experience.

The second person we’re looking for would be responsible for producing and publishing video content to our Youtube channel. You would have relative free reign to produce the content you like but we will require as a minimum a highlight reel of each race (totalling 4 per week at the moment although this could expand), video editing experience is preferred but not essential but we do ask that in both cases the individual that is awarded the role is dedicated to the cause. We want Contest Of Speed to grow into a successful league capable of supporting itself moving forward and we want someone who shares our vision for the future.

If you like to be part of our team, then please contact us via join”@” or contact us via Twitter COS_F1.

Kind regards,

Contest of Speed – Team

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