All about Contest of Speed

All about Contest of Speed

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Contest of Speed

Contest of Speed is a worldwide community of racing enthusiasts. We aim to provide a safe and fun environment for anyone to join and race in, regardless experience or skill level. 

The league was created by some fanatic F1 fans in early June 2018. Ever since,  (Sindsdien uitgegroeid tot huidige situatie – nu season 5)

Due to the league, we have formed friendships. Some drivers meet up with each other offline as well, for example to go to a real Grand Prix. The sense of community, the passion for racing and the commitment of all our drivers is making this league a success.

Contest of Speed… A league you want to join!

League schedule

We currently operate 5 tiers of 20 drivers, 3 European- and 2 American based. We stream our races life on Twitch. Afterwards we upload the race on our Youtube channel.

Racing schedule Season 5 (GMT):

  • Monday:        European Tier 3 10 PM   
  • Tuesday:       European Tier 2 10 PM
  • Wednesday:  European Tier 1 10 PM
  • Thursday:      American Tier 2 2 AM
  • Friday:           American Tier 1 2 AM


Competitive racing… Join Contest of Speed and work your way up!






Contest of Speed rules

We try to follow Formula 1 as closely as possible. Our races use official rules and points systems including the bonus point for the fastest lap. We have adapted our racing regulations slightly to meet the requirements of racing on a video game rather than a real circuit.  We pride ourselves on keeping things as real as possible. 

Drivers can compete in multiple regions but may only compete in 1 Tier per region. So for example you could compete in the Americas Tier 1 and the European Tier 1. But you may not compete in both European Tiers 1 and 2. At the end of every season the top 3 drivers from each Tier will be promoted to the one above. Subsequently the bottom 3 drivers will be demoted. At the end of each season we will crown a driver and constructor champion for each Tier. The higher the finishing position of each driver in their respective Tier, the higher on the list they are placed for choosing their teammate and car for the new season.

To guarantee a safe and positive environment for everyone, we set up clear RULES AND REGULATIONS for racing as wel for using our Discord server. The Admins and our Stewards for race incidents, will ensure that these rules and regulations will be complied by every racer and/ or supporter.  

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