50% Race seasons

Our race champions will not be forgotten. So therefore we created a list with our season champions and some experiences from them.

Mebbe01 – First ever Contest of Speed world Champion

My first season in COS was Amazing!! A rollercoaster that had many ups and downs and many times i thought of giving up lol. It all started by me doing some random lobbies which I hate because of the horrendous driving, but I love playing the game online because is much more intense. I was racing with a guy named Chris Logan which told me about the league and without thinking about it I joined in. I started with pole and the win which felt great. But the next rounds I really struggled to nail good qualy laps and started mid-pack which resulted in me getting front wing damage even though I had pretty good pace. There where more wins, dnf’s and 1 or 2 times I couldn’t make it because of work. All in all it was very challenging specially towards the end of the season because I had minimal time at the last few tracks and the championship was close all season long. I fought through it and stayed positive even when I didn’t have good results and at the end it mattered because I won COS’s first 50% title. I had great battles and the racing was immaculate from everyone and a shout out to my super pilot my teammate Profodes who helped me with setups and to practice whenever he could even though we’re continents apart. Thanks to Chris for bringing me in and I’m so looking forward to season 2.


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