Newsletter – October 23rd 2018

Dear COS drivers,

We have been racing for 4 weeks now. So far we are enjoying all the battles we’ve seen so far and we are happy to see that we just had a few incidents. We hope you also did enjoy driving in Contest of Speed.
As stewards are trying to improve the league as much as possible and therefore have some important changes where we would like to inform you about.

On track changes:

  • Formation lap
    Since this season we use the formation laps before we start the race. We have seen a few drivers so far who disqualified themselves because for example (they didn’t want do drive the formation lap because it’s not part of the race).
    Problem in this case is that people who disqualify themselves have 1 lap fresher tyres.
    From now on drivers who are participating in Tier 1 or 2 races HAVE TO complete the formation lap.
    When you don’t participate in the formation lap you will get penalized with 5 penalty points.
  • Safety car
    After some weeks testing the safety car we decided to use the safety car feature during all official COS races. Therefore we would like you to read the rules and regulations part “2.3 Safety car & virtual safety car guidelines” carefully.

Off track changes:

  • Incident management
    To improve the incident management we have implemented a little form on the right hand side of the website (you have to be logged in to see the option). Put in your psn name and the link to the video and press the button.
    The stewards will automatically receive the link to the video and review the incident together.
  • Track Guide
    Logged in drivers can see a track guide in the main menu. You can be part of this Guide when you drive the fastest lap during an official COS race.
  • Teams
    Logged in drivers can view the Teams in the main menu. From this menu you can directly see all statistics and results of the individual drivers and teams.
    When you are not logged in you can still see who is driving in the teams but the links are not visible/usable.
    Like most of you may already know we have a lot of COS-STAFF. To know who the STAFF is you can have a look at the top menu COS-STAFF. There you can also see their role within COS.
  • Driver profile/statistics
    When you have a look at the statistics page of a driver, the role of the driver will be visible as text but also as an image. “Drivers only” have a COS logo with a steering wheel. Is the driver also a STEWARD then the first letter of their PSN username is visible. When the steward has other roles within COS it will be visible as a little icon as well.
    Icons used at the moment are:
    +Racing wheel = driver
    +Microphone = commentator
    +Computer = Website/Multimedia
  • Contest of Speed – Live
    Like you all know we have two Tiers who drive at Wednesday’s and Thursday’s 22:00GMT.
    The races are all streamed via the COS YouTube channel but to make it easy the race will automatically be streamed via
  • WhatsApp group
    A few weeks ago we started a WhatsApp group. We hope you are already in the group but if you are not, please join the group bij using this link. Please state your PSN name at first contact.

So these are the most important changes we made so far. We hope we can improve the website and the league as much as possible but we also need YOU to give us things to think about like features you are missing on our website.
You can tell us by leaving a comment below or send the stewards a message.
We hope you’ve been enjoying Contest of Speed so far and hope you will help us to make our league as big and fast as possible.


Kind regards,

COS – Stewards

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