T.A.S. – The evolution of Esports

T.A.S. – The evolution of Esports

21 Jun / T.A.S. – The evolution of Esports

T.A.S. for us as a league

The last part of season 5 we have been using a new tool called T.A.S. or Telemetry Analysis System. T.A.S., created and provided by igk_enz, is a tool which provides our league commentators with all the necessary information.

T.A.S. gives our commentators i.e. the following information:

  • Fastest sectors;
  • Fastest laps;
  • Wing damage percentage;
  • Tyre wear percentage;
  • Tyres used.

Based on the information above our commentators can give the best possible commentary to our audience.

The commentators get the information like the image below.


T.A.S. for our audience

As our audience knows, they can always ask questions in our Twitch chat. With having T.A.S. some questions don’t need to be asked anymore because our audience can interact with our Twitch Bot themselves.

For now our audience can ask the following “questions”:

  • !cos_help
  • !cos_bestlap
  • !cos_poleman
  • !cos_hisbestlap 2*
  • !cos_hislastlap 3*
  • !cos_penalty 4*

* The number means the position on track. So 1 would mean the driver racing at position 1 on track.


The information will then automatically be requested from the T.A.S. server and put in in the Twitch chat.


T.A.S. for our drivers

Our drivers get detailed information, as long as they have set their telemetry option in the game to “public”, after the race. The report shows them all information from the race like:

  • Fastest lap;
  • Fastest sector 1;
  • Fastest sector 2;
  • Fastest sector 3;
  • Start and finishing position;
  • Amount of overtakes
  • Amount of pitsstops

The driver also gets information about what happened during every single lap. You can think of pitstops, overtakes and the amount of fuel he had left on top of the minimum amount needed.


Interested in getting T.A.S.?

If your and/or your league is also interested in T.A.S. then please get in touch with igk_enz and purchase the tool yourself!