Important information to all drivers!!

1) If you are pushed off the circuit and receive an in game warning to return the position, you may ignore the penalty and we will remove it after the race. Of course, if the stewards judge it to be a legitimate penalty, we will uphold it.

2) All drivers are reminded to respect the racing room of their competitors. If you choose to defend the inside line you MUST leave a car’s width on the outside of the corner exit, in the same way that you MUST leave a car’s width on the inside of a corner if you choose to make a move around the outside. If you do not, this is not racing this is blocking and you will be punished for doing so.

3) It has come to our attention that personal spats between drivers are being brought onto the race track. This is both unsporting and unacceptable. If you dislike someone, that’s fine, not everyone is friends, just keep it private and not on the circuit (we all think Rikki is a bit much to be brutally honest but we try our best to put up with him 😉). Anyone found pursuing this type of driving will be punished accordingly. We take this very seriously and will not tolerate it.

Kind regards,

COS Team

Next race – Mexico

Results – United States

Round 18 – United states Winners:

FruitfulCoot1                     Tier 1
 Raceboy12393                   Tier 2
 PerryTheDog6                   Tier 3

Results – Japan

Results – Russia

Results – Singapore

Results – Italy

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