2. On Track Regulations
2.1 In-game penalties


If you feel that the game has awarded you an unfair time penalty, you can apply for a penalty removal in the #💥report-an-incident channel after the race. More information about this can be found under the Rule Enforcement section.


If you feel the game has unfairly disqualified you from the race, you can submit your full race footage to the stewards. If we feel that the disqualification was justified, it will remain. However if we feel that the disqualification was clearly unfair, or came as a result of a game glitch, then you will be classified as the last finisher and score full points for that position.

2.2 Being lapped


When the game shows you the blue flag, you have been caught up by a car on a lap ahead of you. When being lapped, it is your responsibility to let the leaders through safely at the earliest opportunity, without blocking them. This applies even when Ghosting is turned on in a race. Just because the leaders can drive “through” your car does not mean you are exempt from getting out of the way.


If you are going faster than a car that has lapped you, do not attempt to unlap yourself unless it is safe to do so and doesn’t hinder the car in front.

2.3 Safety car & virtual safety car guidelines


During a virtual safety car, or while catching up to the train during a safety car period, you must not exceed the delta time indicated by the game.


If you are the lead car and driving to catch up to the safety car, please take caution when approaching it, as it will be moving very slowly while waiting to pick you up. Approach it slowly and then the safety car should pick up its speed. Make sure you keep a safe distance to the safety car to avoid potentially hitting it if lag or other inconsistencies occur, as this may lead to the game disqualifying you from the race.


As the leader of the pack following the safety car, do not intentionally slow the pack down to a ridiculously low speed when controlling the pace ahead of a restart.


While in the safety car queue, do not drive dangerously by weaving excessively or suddenly slowing down in front of someone. Keep a safe distance to the car ahead, but without creating an unnaturally big gap in the queue.


No overtaking should happen under safety car conditions, even if the car ahead of you is a ghost car driven by the AI, or a car that is lapped. Although it may be frustrating to sit behind a slow-moving ghost car until you reach the pit-lane or catch up to the pack, this will avoid problems such as illegal overtake penalties being awarded.


It is prohibited to park or crash your car for the purpose of initiating a safety car situation. Anyone found to have deliberately crashed out (eg. rage-quit in a manner that can cause a safety car situation) will be severely penalised, regardless of whether this actually ended up causing a safety car or not.


If you want to make a pit stop and you are driving closely behind the safety car, then you must leave a gap to the safety car to the extent that you definitely do NOT overtake the safety car in the pit lane. If you don’t follow this, everyone in the queue behind the safety car will be told to overtake the safety car which will cause major delays to the safety car period and possibly other issues.


When a driver makes a pit stop while the safety car is out, it may happen that the car in 1st position will momentarily be shown as 2nd place by the game and therefore be told to overtake the safety car. If this happens and you know that you are the lead car, then you should ignore the message to overtake the safety car and stay behind it until the positions are fixed and the safety car resumes a normal pace. This should happen within a few seconds. Be careful in this situation though, as in the seconds where this glitch is active the safety car will go very slowly because it wants to let you through.


When following the safety car or under virtual safety car conditions DO NOT pause the game unless you have an emergency need to do so. Pausing the game will give you an unfair advantage over other drivers and means that you are not in control of your car should any incidents occur. Please note that should an incident occur while the game is paused you will be treated as though you were still in full control of your car. You will also be asked to explain all reasons for pausing the game should you need to or you will be penalised.


If we experience a major glitch with the safety car (for example someone being unfairly and unavoidably disqualified due to a safety car glitch), we reserve the right to disable this feature with immediate effect if deemed appropriate.

2.4 Formation lap guidelines


For the sake of fairness all drivers are required and expected to complete the formation lap. Drivers are not allowed to skip the formation lap by intentionally driving in a manner that sends you back to the grid. Doing this or being at fault for an incident that sends you back to the grid, could see you awarded with a post-race penalty.


At the start of the formation lap, please do not move away from your grid slot until every car ahead of you have started moving.


During the formation lap, do not drive dangerously by weaving excessively or suddenly slowing down in front of someone.


Make sure there is a safe distance between yourself and the car ahead whilst not creating an excessive gap so as to disadvantage your competitors on the grid by giving their tyres and brakes time to cool and drop outside the working temperature range. Drivers found to have done this will be awarded a reprimand and further abuse of this rule will result in a more formal penalty.


Similarly to the rule for driving under safety car conditions, do not pause the game on the formation lap. Any pauses will need a suitable explanation to avoid a penalty. Pausing the games gives an unfair advantage on tyre wear and temperature before the race start.

2.5 Tyre rules


Drivers who qualify in the top 10 are forced to start the race on the tyre set they used to set their fastest qualifying lap. Drivers who qualify outside the top 10 may choose whichever set of starting tyres they want.


In qualifying, it is not allowed to deliberately crash your car in order to destroy the tyre set you would have started with upon qualifying in the top 10. If you happen to accidentally crash out and ruin your starting tyres, you must start the race on a different set of the same compound of tyre.


You must use two of the three available dry tyre compounds at least once during the race.


You must use one of the two mandatory tyre sets (as specified by the game) at some point during the race.


If either of the two wet tyres (intermediates or wets) are used at any time in the race, the two above rules become invalid.


In qualifying, it is not allowed to run laps on wet tyres (intermediates or wets) while the track conditions are clearly dry.

2.6 Pit stops


Stay within the white line when entering and exiting the pit lane. If you cause a dangerous situation by crossing the pit entrance or exit line, or if this is done in a way that blatantly gains time or track position, you will be penalised by adding 20 seconds after the race.


With manual pit stops enabled, you will need to apply the brakes yourself when going into the pits. Slow down to the required speed limit (which can vary from track to track) before the marker boards at the start of the pit lane.


With manual pit stops enabled, you will need to perform the start procedure upon leaving your pit box, once the pit light goes green. This procedure is the same as launching the car at the start of the race.


With manual pit stops enabled, you will need to manually disengage the pit limiter upon leaving the pit lane.2


It is not allowed to pause the game in order to have the AI perform the pit entry for you.

Make sure you have a button assigned for the pit limiter.
2.7 DRS

Driving in a dangerous or unsporting manner in order to gain the use of DRS in the race is not allowed and may be penalised retrospectively. This kind of driving includes – but is not limited to – violently decelerating and/or steering when clearly in front of the following car. Clever ideas that are not overtly dangerous are permitted however, we want to allow drivers to use their Schumacher esc initiative when looking to overtake or defend.

2.8 Jump starts


If you move off the grid before the red lights go out, the game will award you with a drive-through penalty.


At present there is a chance that the game will give you green lights before the lights go green for those around you. If this happens, you must abide by the below guidelines, in order to avoid severe punishment:

  • If you are not on the front row, be very careful as cars around you won’t move and it’s not their fault. You should stop your car and wait for the field to start. If you fail to do this, and still get away cleanly, you must slow down at a safe place within the first sector and drop down into the position you started in (regardless of any incidents or overtakes having happened in the field behind).
  • If you start from P1 on the grid and are clearly released before the rest of the field, and you drive off before noticing, then you must clearly negate the advantage as quickly and as safely as possible, to the extent that you fully reduce the gap to the car behind. Be warned that this may prompt them to attempt an overtake and they are fully justified to do so.
  • If you start in P2 and get away first, then you are expected to negate the advantage and concede 1st place to the current lead car to the extent that your car is completely behind theirs, not simply alongside.
2.9 Pausing the game


Intentionally pausing the game during safety car periods and when you are close ahead of another car during the race is not allowed and will be punished with 1pp, as this will cause your car to slow down and may lead to surrounding cars taking avoiding action, even if your car is ghosted.


You are fully responsible for your car’s actions even while the game is paused, and any incidents or dangerous situations caused as a result of this will be penalised normally.

2.10 Mandatory recording

With the PS4 having the functionality to record for up to an hour 3 directly via the console, we will be implementing mandatory recording, which means that the drivers in the Tiers will have to record and be able to upload their qualifying session and their FULL race for each round. The footage will need to be available to the stewards for 7 days after the race. If you are concerned about not being able to record both sessions in their entirety using the Playstation’s functionality then you can stream directly to Youtube or to Twitch. This is acceptable to the stewards as long as the footage is then cut down before being submitted. Make sure however, that streaming your race DOES NOT affect your connection strength and/or quality.

 Setup 1 hour recordings: press “share”button –> “sharing and Broadcast Settings” –> “Video Clip Settings” –> “Length of Video Clip” –> Select “60 Minutes”

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