5. Rule Enforcement
5.1 Stewards Panel

In Discord you can report an incident by opening an incident ticket in our #💥report-an-incident channel.

A proper explanation and/or evidence of the incident must be provided in order for it to be investigated. This will then be looked into by our Incident Steward members of the Contest of Speed Team and appropriate action will be taken.

What you can make a stewards inquiry for:

  • Racing incidents: If you feel another driver has caused an incident – eg. hitting your car, forcing you off the track, rejoining the track unsafely, or generally driving too aggressively – you should report this to the stewards for investigation;
  • Corner cutting: If you witness another driver is persistently gaining time by abusing the track limits during races or qualifying, you should report this to the stewards for investigation;
  • Corner Cutting Penalty if a driver is caught on stream or reported by another driver (with footage sent in) about corner cutting to reduce tyre degradation/make it in time to do a flying lap/save quali time that driver will be penalised, the penalty is +20 seconds added to his race time at the end of the race and also a next race qualifying ban;
  • Removing an unfair time penalty:
  • If you receive a time penalty from the game, and you feel this was awarded unfairly, you can make an enquiry for the penalty to be removed. When making such an enquiry, you need to provide evidence of the penalty being applied. Evidence can be either in the form of video footage, or a picture of the post-race race director screen showing what the penalty was for and the time of when it was applied. Any appeals without this will be dismissed.
    Please Note, If a time penalty has been given and you have served it in the pits during the race it CANNOT be removed, and the incident report will be dismissed by the stewards.

Bear in mind that we will not be giving compensation for penalties that affect your position on the track during the race. This includes drive through penalties and extra time spent in the pit box as a result of a specific stop-go penalty, where no work on the car may take place. A time penalty that can be subsequently served before a pit stop may be removed at the discretion of the Stewards, however, evidence of the unfair nature of the penalty must be provided. This type of penalty can be in the form of either a served or unserved penalty.

Warnings for exceeding track limits will normally not be removed, unless it was clearly received unfairly (such as time clearly having been lost, or another driver causing you to go off track). For a warning to be removed, it is required to provide an image or footage of the race director screen showing the full overview of warnings you received throughout the race (alongside evidence of how the warning was received), so that we can see if the removal affects the amount of time penalties you should receive. Direct time penalties (not accumulated through warnings) for corner cutting may be removed or converted into a warning if deemed excessive or it’s obvious that the driver lost time from it.

5.2 Penalty appeal

It might happen that you don’t agree with the outcome of an incident. If that’s the case you can appeal to that penalty simply by raising an appeal using the “😲appeal-a-penalty-given-by-stewards” channel, after the penalties are posted on the website.
Whenever an appeal comes into our system, the admins will have look into the incident instead of the stewards.8

Contest of Speed operates a 3 strike appeals policy. Each driver gets 3 appeal strikes per season, when an appeal is submitted the admins will look at the incident. If the decision is overturned or changed then the driver will keep all their strikes. If however, the decision is deemed to be correct, the driver will lose 1 strike taking them down to 2. Once you hit 0 then you cannot appeal a penalty for the remainder of the season. The admins will be lenient in removing strikes if the decision is marginal as we understand that drivers will feel aggrieved, but please take care in which incidents are appealed and only choose those you feel are definitely applicable to receive a different verdict.

The outcome may become become better but might also turnout to get worse.
5.3 Time limit for enquiries

To run the whole penalty and appeal system as smooth as possible, we have set up time limit. This assures the Incident Stewards and (when an appeal has been send) the Admins to review the incidents and appeals before the next race will be driven.

5.3.1 Time limit for racing incidents tickets

The driver has up to 24 hours following the conclusion of the affected race to open an incident ticket. If a Steward requests footage from you, you have to provide the footage as soon as possible within 24 hours, refusing to provide the footage will be rewarded with a raceban and an additional penalty point on your drivers licence. 9

The final decision, made by the Stewards, will be updated to the website latest at Saturday evening. 10

5.3.2 Time limit to appeal

The driver has up to 24 hours following the given penalty to raise an appeal. Appealing the outcome of a racing incident without footage is not possible.

Exceptions are there whenever you can’t send us the footage within 24 hours (send in an incident) / 24 hours (footage requested by Steward). To get an exception you have to inform the stewards by telling so in an incident ticket (incident) or answer the requesting Steward by telling him in the direct message, send by the stewards, in Discord.
10 When unable, there will be send a message in the 📢announcements channel.
5.4 Penalties

The stewards have a variety of penalties that may be applied to punish drivers who break our racing rules, depending on the severity of the violation. The available penalties are sorted below, in order of severity. Breaking a rule also leads to penalty points being added to your name 11 – see further down for more details.

  • 5 seconds – Minor Incident
  • 10 seconds – Moderate Incident
  • 20 seconds – Major Incident
  • Qualifying ban for the next race
  • Any time penalty that applies to either a driver retired from the previous race or would otherwise provide no meaningful penalty to the offending driver, will have their time penalty in seconds converted into a grid penalty of the same amount
  • Disqualification from the race
  • One-race ban
  • Permanent removal from the league

Any penalties will be aimed at the person who has done wrong – we cannot compensate anyone else as a result of someone’s actions. All penalties applied, are for that specific league and are not transferable. All penalties are discussed by the Stewards before being issued and the driver will always be informed of the outcome. The Stewards Team is completely neutral and will not include anyone who may be affected by the incident in question.

5.4.1 Steward involved in Racing incident

It can happen that a Contest of Speed Steward is involved in a racing incident. If this is the case, this Steward is not part of the investigation team, similarly a race steward will not be part of the investigation if a close friend, family member or teammate is involved in the incident.

11 Note that penalties may be added together in the event of multiple violations in a race, which could result in total time penalties of a higher number than what is suggested below.
5.5 Penalty points system

Contest of Speed will use a “Minor, Moderate & Major” penalty system which will be applied to all incidents that happen during the race.

The penalty points system is a way of keeping track of a driver’s record of breaking the rules of clean racing, and to more severely punish repeat offenders. Penalty points will be applied alongside normal race penalties, as per the list below:

  • point – Minor Incident;
  • points – Moderate Incident;
  • 3 points – Major Incident;
  • Qualifying ban/– Blocking or slowing down a competitor on any hot lap when you yourself are not on a hot lap (during qualifying), retirement during qualifying while still being on track or ignoring blue flags for continuous periods during the race.
  • Race ban – Crashing out on purpose, accrual of multiple penalties, misconduct;
  • League ban – Crashing into a competitor on purpose will result in an automatic removal from the league;

Examples of minor incidents/reasons to get 1 penalty point:

  • Driving dangerously or unsportingly;
  • Causing a minor avoidable collision;
  • Resetting car on track via game menu;
  • Not being able to provide footage to the Stewards
    (These penalties will increase exponentially if continued infringements occur. 1st offence = 1ppt, 2nd offence = 2ppt, etc.);
  • Pressing “X” prior to the start of the formation lap;
  • Disqualification during formation lap;
  • Retiring on track during qualifying;
  • Pausing the game during the race or in qualifying.

In each grand prix you can only receive a maximum of 6 penalty points.
A maximum of 3 penalty points for racing incidents, 1 penalty point for a failure to send in footage when requested by a COS – Steward,  1 penalty point if you are disqualified from the formation lap and 1 penalty point for pressing “X” prior to the start of the formation lap

5.5.1 Accumulated points

  • If you accumulate 9, 12 and 15 points, you will be awarded a one-race ban.
  • If you accumulate 15 points, the driver will in question will have their place in the league under review. On a case by case basis this may result in further bans, suspension or even removal from the league.

Penalty points will usually be reset ahead of a new season.

5.6 Formal Warnings

While the race penalties and penalty points system are aimed at dealing with on-track issues, the Warning system deals with issues that may occur off the track.

It’s simple – if you receive 3 Formal Warnings, you’re out. Receiving 3 warnings would also see you placed on the blacklist, meaning you will not be allowed to return to one of the Contest of Speed Tiers in the future.

You can receive a Formal Warning for the following:

  • No-showing a race without giving prior notice to the League Coordinator
  • Rage-quitting or deliberately crashing out of the session for no good reason (as specified in rule 3.5.1)
  • Showing abusive behaviour 12 towards another driver, either in the race lobby or in the chats
12 If we encounter situations where someone’s behaviour gets completely out of hand, Such as racist or homophobic abuse, a ban may be applied directly regardless of Warnings accumulated.
5.7 Reprimand

Reprimands can be awarded to drivers in the event that they are involved in an incident on track that does not warrant a penalty but is deemed by the Stewards to be befitting of some form of punishment. A reprimand is essentially a “slap on the wrist” for a driver who has misbehaved.

There is no further penalty immediately associated with a reprimand on its own however, if a driver receives 3 reprimands they will be converted into a single penalty point that will be added to their virtual licence. This point will be awarded for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Continued accrual of reprimands could also incur larger penalties if a driver does not take action to adjust their driving style.

5.8 Blacklist

The blacklist contains the names of drivers who have been removed from the leagues – either through accumulating 12 penalty points or 3 Formal Warnings – and drivers who have left the leagues during an ongoing season with no good reason.

Having your name applied to the blacklist generally means you will not be allowed to rejoin the Contest of Speed Tiers in the future.


Contest of speed will only act upon video evidence supplied to the stewards. If you are unable to provide any evidence to validate your innocence of a particular offence or to condemn another driver following your own accusation then the league reserves the right to pass down the harshest possible punishment in light of your potential transgression or to withhold any formal penalty due to lack of evidence.

The Stewards themselves will make the best decision they can, in total impartiality, in keeping with the rules and regulations specified on the website. They will not be involved in the decision making process of any incidents they are involved in or that would give them a direct competitive benefit. There are currently 7 stewards so a decision can always be reached even if multiple are not eligible to discuss the incident.

Contest of Speed also reserves the right to hand down any punishment it sees fit to any driver at any time upon new evidence being brought to light and presented to league admins or stewards. On track or championship penalties can be applied up until the beginning of the season after the one where an incident occurred. So for example Contest of Speed can apply a penalty to any competitor in Season # regarding any of their races or results upon the presentation of evidence until the next Season’s  race week 1 begins. Penalties that would apply off track such as formal warnings or league bans can be given at any time and in regard to any season.

If you have any concerns over the validity of the stewarding process or want to ask any questions then please contact one of the league admins and they’ll be happy to ease any doubts you might have.

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