S4 A1 Penalties

If you accumulate 12, 18 and 24 points  you will be awarded a qualifying ban.
If you accumulate 24 points, the driver will in question will have their place in the league under review.

Penalty Points:

  • Baker: 1
  • bodhod1: 1
  • theundercut: 1
  • GruGruxKing101: 1

Reprimands: Baker x1, Phenrique x1

Formal Warnings: PerryTheDog6

Grid Penalties: 

Qualifying Ban:

Race Ban:


Bahrain Stewards Review:

Other kinds of Warnings:


Russia Stewards Review:

  • Reprimand to Phenrique for poor connection quality. This needs to improve before the next race or more serious punishments will be incurred.
  • Winget88 penalty appeal: The warning for running wide at the penultimate corner stays, however, the warning for turn 1 is to be removed. This removes 3 seconds from Winget’s race time promoting him to 10th and demoting Mitch to 11th.
  • Theundercut and BIGSLATER: 1ppt and 5 seconds for Slater for causing a minor avoidable collision. This demotes Slater to 5th and Promotes Juventus to 4th.

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • No other warnings were needed for this race.

Italy Stewards Review:

  • bodhod1 penalty appeal: we agree a 3 second penalty was too harsh so we will reduce it to a warning. This promotes bodhod to 5th and demotes rbar123craft  to 6th.

Other kinds of warnings:

  • 1ppt to GruGruxKing101 for pressing x before the automatic countdown began.

France Stewards Review:

  • winget88 & bodhod1: Unfortunate collision due to desync/lag, so we cannot attribute any responsibility to either party. Therefore we rule this a racing incident.

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • Formal Warning given to PerryTheDog6 for disregarding the race and putting other races at risk, although nobody else’s race was negatively impacted by his antics, there was a strong possibility of a collision or a retirement resulting in a VSC or Safety car that would’ve impacted the final result. Actions similar to those seen from PerryTheDog6 at the French grand Prix AMTier1 race will not be tolerated in a league that takes its racing seriously, if you do not want to take a race seriously for whatever reason then follow the appropriate action and retire in the pits.
  • 1ppt awarded to Theundercut for pressing x before the automatic timer began.


Australia Stewards Review:

  • lsf1_Baker: Qualifying: laf1_Baker was caught by multiple drivers and on stream cutting the track during qualifying in order to return to the pits faster. As is stated in the rules and regulations this is forbidden in Contest of Speed. As such he is awarded a 10 place grid penalty.
  • lsf1_Baker & bodhod1: Lap1: 1ppt and 5 seconds added to the race time of bodhob for causing a minor unavoidable collision. lsf1_baker also awarded 1ppt and 5 seconds worth of time penalty for using the reset to track option in the options menu. This function is prohibited in Contest of Speed and is again clearly stated in the rules and regulations. These rulings do not change the final results.
  • lsf1_Baker: ignoring blue flags, reprimand for baker for ignoring blue flags and interrupting the battle for 2nd. Although he has every right to uplap himself he must do so in a way that does not affect a battle taking place between drivers over a lap ahead of him.

Other Kinds of Warnings:

  • No other warnings for this event.
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