S4 T1 Penalties

If you accumulate 12, 18 and 24 points  you will be awarded a qualifying ban.
If you accumulate 24 points, the driver will in question will have their place in the league under review.


Penalty Points:

  • Javi: 1
  • Ginganinja: 3
  • Raikkonen: 1
  • Charlie: 4
  • Bulletboy: 1


Formal Warnings: Raikkonen

Grid Penalties: 

Qualifying Ban:

Race Ban: 


Bahrain Stewards Review:

Other kinds of Warnings:


Russia Stewards Review:

  • Harrison & Raikkonen lap 1: Racing incident, both cars could have avoided contact but neither made a move to cause it and the resulting crash is very unfortunate. However, Raikkonen receives a formal warning for attempting to crash and retire on purpose. In future YOU MUST return to the pits to retire.
  • Alp & Charlie: 3ppt and 15 seconds to Charlie for causing a major avoidable collision. This does not change any positions within the final results.

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • 1 ppt to Raikkonen and Charlie for not being able to provide footage when asked.
  • 1 ppt for Bulletboy for pressing x before the automatic countdown began.

Italy Stewards Review:

  • Bulletboy final lap crash: DNF stands, sadly Bulletboy did not cross the line after he hit the wall, the protruding section of wall stopped his car 3/4 metres short of the start finish line.
  • BigSlater and Ginganinja: Extremely dangerous driving from Ginganinja that resulted in the retirement of another car. When rejoining the track for whatever reason it is your responsibility to make sure you do not affect any other car while doing so. Ninja failed to do this and as such we are awarding the penalty of 3ppt and 15 seconds added to his race time. As this penalty does not cause a meaningful effect on the offending driver the penalty will be applied to the next race that he completes.

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • 1ppt for Javi for pressing x before the automatic countdown began.

France Stewards Review:

  • No incidents were submitted for this event.

Other kinds of warnings:

  • 10 place grid penalty for Raikkonen for cutting the T9 chicane in qualifying and gaining a clear advantage.

Australia Stewards Review:

  • Following the Incident between Javi, guil and Charlie on Lap 6/7 of the race we have decided to expell guil_18 from the league with immediate effect, he will also be blacklisted and prevented from returning to Contest of Speed in the future.
  • No other incidents were submitted for this event.

Other Kinds of Warnings:

  • No other warnings are applicable for this event.
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