S4 T3 Penalties

If you accumulate 12, 18 and 24 points  you will be awarded a qualifying ban.
If you accumulate 24 points, the driver will in question will have their place in the league under review.

Penalty Points:

  • Thomas: 3
  • Rocco: 2
  • Sygate: 2
  • Titchy: 1
  • Danhilton: 2
  • MeneerRick: 1
  • Bossman: 4
  • eatdacookie: 1

Reprimands: Thomas x1

Formal Warnings:

Grid Penalty: 

Qualifying Ban:

Race Ban: 


Bahrain Stewards Review:

Other kinds of Warnings:


Russia Stewards Review:

  • Sygate and Bossman: 2ppt and 10 seconds added to Bossman for causing a moderate avoidable collision. This does not affect the final standings.
  • CampingDuckZ and Thomas Qualifying: Reprimand for Thomas for poor connection strength, this needs to be rectified before the next race of harsher punishments will be handed down.
  • First lap hairpin crash: Ruled as a racing incident that culminated in the perfect storm to retire 2 drivers. We found that CampingDuckZ made an attempt of a move that was not available for him to make and therefore had Caveyy take his usual line through the corner not having chance to react. Nobody is to blame/is a fault here it is just unfortunate that the incident ended 2 races.
  • Caveyy and Thomas: Racing incident, there was enough space to make the corner.
  • MeneerRick and Caveyy: Racing incident, MeneerRick was deemed not to be sufficiently alongside Caveyy to warrant the space to take the inside of the corner. The Warning will be removed if MeneerRick can provide evidence that it would remove a time penalty with its cancellation.
  • MeneerRick and Thomas Lap 1: Racing incident, MeneerRick could see Thomas moving across and had chance to brake early to avoid the collision. Thomas’s footage showed that the indicator arrows were white meaning the car is close but not in range to collide. He had the right to move across in this instance.

Other kinds of Warnings: 

  • 1ppt for eatdacookie for pressing x before the automatic countdown began.


Italy Stewards Review:

  • Conall & Danhilton: 1ppt and 5 seconds added to Dan Hilton for causing a minor avoidable collision.
  • Conall and MeneerRick: 1ppt and 5 seconds added to MeneerRick for causing a minor avoidable collision.
  • MeneerRick and Sygate @ Parabolica: Racing incident.
  • MeneerRick and Sygate @ 2nd Chicane: 1ppt and 5 seconds added to Syaget for causing a minor avoidable collision.
  • Campingduckz and Bossman, Qualifying: 2ppt and 10 Seconds added to Bossman for causing a moderate avoidable collision. Just because you do not get a penalty in qualifying does not mean you can enter the pits flat out, you must be careful of other cars around you and obey the speed limit.
  • Formation lap disqualifications: All racing incidents. Just be careful all of you in future of the cars in front of you, there will be bunching up especially around slow corners.
  • RadeKonn penalty appeals: All warnings and penalties stay. Its unfortunate when ghosted cars get in the way but we cannot take warnings away as a result of them. especially when those cars are not being controlled by a driver.
  • All time penalties do not affect any final positions from the race.


Other Kinds of Warnings:

  • 1ppt for Dan Hilton for being unable to provide footage when requested.
  • 1ppt for Titchy for pressing x before the automatic timer began.


France Stewards Review:

  • Campingduckz & Rozza: Racing incident, Campingduckz loses the backend on the kerb of his own volition and then Rozza has no time to react and therefore, is physically incapable of avoiding contact.
  • MeneerRick & RoccoG60: 1 ppt for Rocco for causing an avoidable collision.
  • RadeKonn & Forzafredo: Racing incident, There was no visible and/or noticeable damage caused to Rade’s car, Fredo spun as a result of the incident and in our opinion Rade tried to take his normal racing line and as such squeezed Fredo thus contributing to the overall incident.
  • Rozza & Sygate: 1ppt awarded to Sygate for causing a collision. There is no time penalty applied as normal because the game gave him a 5 second penalty as a direct result of the incident.

Other Kinds of Warnings:

  • 1ppt to RoccoG60 for not being able to provide footage when requested.
  • 10 place grid penalty awarded to Rocco for cutting the chicane at Turn 9 in qualifying.


Australia Stewards Review:

  • CampingDuckZ & Thomas0416_: Thomas at fault for incident, penalty is being combined with others for a more formal punishment.
  • Forzafredo & Thomas0416_ : Again Thomas at fault and incident counted towards overall penalty
  • RadeKonn & Thomas0416_ : 3rd incident for Thomas that is counted towards a penalty.
  • Following his 3 race incidents the stewards have decided to award the penalty of 3ppts and a 10 place grid penalty for Thomas0416_
  • CampingDuckZ & RadeKonn: 5 place grid penalty for RadeKonn for blocking an opponents qualifying lap.
  • Forzafredo & ConallJB: 1ppt and 5 seconds added to ConallJB for causing a minor avoidable collision.
  • RadeKonn Pit lane issues: Nothing to be done by stewards review, its an unfortunate coincidence of playing a game. Racing Incident.
  • RadeKonn & Sygate: Racing Incident, Sygate overshot the corner but Rade did not leave space for him to rejoin the circuit. 50/50 on blame.
  • Titchy & Justin: 5 place grid penalty for Justin for driving dangerously and causing a minor collision.

Other Kinds of Warnings:

  • 1ppt for DanHilton for Pressing X before the alloted time had passed.
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