S5 AM1 – Penalties

If you accumulate 6, 9 and 12 points  you will be awarded a qualifying ban.
If you accumulate 12 points, the driver will in question will have their place in the league under review.

Penalty Points:

  • Phenrique: 7
  • UcMeflyin: 2
  • Perry: 2
  • Nicklas: 2
  • FlipFlopFish: 3
  • Radekonn: 2
  • BurzzyJ: 1
  • Useless: 3
  • Beansandwich: 1
  • Juventus: 2


  • Radekonn: 1
  • Phenrique: 1

No footage submissions:

  • Phenrique: 2
  • UcmeFlyin: 1
  • Radekonn: 1
  • Nicklas: 1
  • Juventus: 1

Formal Warnings: 

Grid Penalty: 

Qualifying Ban:

Race Ban: 


Germany Stewards Review:

  • rbar and Juventus: 1ppt to Juventus.

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • 1ppt to Juventus
  • 1ppt for Useless for pressing x before the 1 minute wait time was up.


USA Stewards Review:

  • rbar123craft and Radekonn: 1ppt and 5 seconds for Rade for causing a minor avoidable collision.
  • Juventus and Burzzy: 1ppt and 5 seconds for Burzzy for a minor avoidable collision.
  • Alpumukt penalty appeal: 5 second penalty removed. This promotes Alp to 1st and demotes Phenrique to 2nd.
  • Lopez, Bean and Useless: 1ppt and 5 seconds for Bean for causing a minor avoidable collision. 2ppt and 10 seconds for Useless for causing multiple avoidable collisions. [1] This demotes Useless to 9th place from 5th. Bean does not change position.

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • 1ppt for the following drivers for not have footage to submit; Rade, Nicklas
  • Phenrique is awarded a qualifying ban to replace the one he ignored in Canada

The reasoning for the incident marked with a [1] is as follows;

“Useless checks his rear view upon rejoining the circuit. By doing so, he can see Bean in close proximity with Nicklas on Bean’s inside. He knows that Lopez is somewhere on the inside as well due to the previous incident between Lopez and Bean. Despite being aware that there are potentially three drivers on his inside going through T18, Useless follows the normal racing line and fails to leave enough space for the cars on the inside. This results in contact with Bean, and causes a chain reaction that damages multiple drivers’ races. Because of the nature of the outcome of the incident with multiple drivers involved, the stewards have decided to give Useless 2pp and 10 seconds.”


Canada Stewards Review:

  • Lopez penalty appeal: Penalties stand.
  • Lopez and rbar: Racing Incident.
  • Useless penalty appeals: All penalties/Warnings are to remain.
  • Juventus and Phenrique: Racing incident as the result of desync/lag.
  • DK88 and FlipFlopFish: 1ppt and 5 seconds for FlipFlop for causing a minor avoidable collision.

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • FlipFlopFish awarded a race ban for deliberately crashing out of the session.
  • Phenrique disqualified from the race for not adhering to his qualifying ban.
  • Phenrique receives 1 warning for poor connection.


Britain Stewards Review:

  • Swarner and Mitch: 2ppt and 10 seconds to Mitch for a collision and dangerous driving. This demotes Mitch to 10th.
  • Juventus and Phenrique: 3ppt and 15 seconds penalty awarded to phenrique for a major collision and dangerous driving with their circuit re-entry. Phenrique is demoted to 12th.
  • DK88 penalty appeal: 3 second penalties reduced to Warnings however, this would then award a further 3 seconds for multiple warnings so there is no change to the overall race time.
  • Beansandwich and Flip flop: Racing Incident

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • Phenrique receives 1ppt for not being able to provide footage.
  • Phenrique has accrued 6ppt which is then converted to a qualifying ban.


Austria Stewards Review:

  • Juventus and uCmeFLYin: Racing Incident

Other Kinds of Warings: 

  • uCmeFLyin receives a 20 second time penalty for incorrect pit entry. This does not change the final result.


Azerbaijan Stewards Review:

  • Perry and Radekonn: Dangerous driving reprimand for Radekonn
  • Perry and Nicklas: 1ppt and 5 seconds for Nicklas and 2ppt and 10 seconds for Perry.
  • Blank and Flipflopfish: 2ppt and 10 seconds for Fish for causing a moderate avoidable collision.


Other Kinds of Warnings:

  • UcMeflyin receives a qualifying ban for retiring on track and 2ppt for causing a moderate avoidable collision with their retired car.


Brazil Stewards Review:

  • Nicklas and Phenrique: 2ppt to Phenrique for causing a major avoidable collision.
  • Winget and Phenrique: Qualifying ban for Phenrique for blocking Winget in qualifying.
  • Phenrique 1 ppt for not being able to provide footage.
  • rbar and Nicklas: TBC
  • Blank and UcMeflyin: Racing Incident

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • No other warnings for this event.