S5 EU1 – Penalties

If you accumulate 6, 9 and 12 points  you will be awarded a qualifying ban.
If you accumulate 12 points, the driver will in question will have their place in the league under review.

Penalty Points:

  • eatdacookie: 2
  • NSX_Fruitful: 3
  • Paco: 1
  • Caarlsberri: 8


  • Bulletboy: 1
  • Toxictomato: 1

No footage submissions:

  • Jakub: 1
  • Paco: 1
  • Caarlsberri: 3
  • Louis: 1

Formal Warnings: 

Grid Penalty: 

Qualifying Ban: Carlsberri (Belgium), Pat (Hungary),

Race Ban: Carlsberri (Hungary & Italy),


Germany Stewards Review:

  • No collisions reported for this event.

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • Pat given a qualifying ban for going AI.
  • Carlsberri Disqualified from the race for not serving his qualifying ban. The unserved ban carries over to the next race. Given that this is the second instance of them ignoring their ban this results in a race ban.
  • Carlsberri awarded his 3rd footage submission penalty which results in 6ppt awarding him a race ban.


USA Stewards Review:

  • Varamyr, Alp and Carlsberri: Qualifying: Qualifying bans for Alpumukt and Carlsberri for blocking another driver on their hotlap.
  • Varamyr warning/penalty appeals: All warnings remain and thus the penalty also stays.

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • Carlsberri given a reprimand for not providing footage.


Canada Stewards Review:

  • No incidents were submitted for this event.

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • No other warnings for this event.


Britain Stewards Review:

  • Jonathan penalty appeal: Change penalty to a warning so 10 seconds removed from final race time. Also receives a qualifying ban for going AI in the race. Promoting them back to 2nd place.

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • Louis and JFROCHER: 1ppt for not providing footage and a qualifying ban for both for going AI under the safety car.
  • Caarlsberri disqualified from the race for not observing his qualifying ban.
  • Qualifying ban awarded to JGHOSTS for blocking Fruitful’s hotlap.


Austria Stewards Review:

  • Alpumukt and Fruitful: Racing incident caused by desync
  • Alp and Fruit: 1ppt 5 seconds to fruitful. This drops Fruit to 3rd and promotes JFROCHER to 2nd
  • Alp and Caarlsberri: 1ppt and 5 seconds to Caarlsberri

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • Paco receives a qualy ban for going AI under the safety car and another ppt for not having footage to send.
  • Caarlsberri receives a qualifying ban for retiring on track.


Azerbaijan Stewards Review:

  • Collision between Aplumukt, Jaykub and Fruitful: Fruitful was found to be at fault and has been given 2pp and 10 second penalty. With this it changes his finishing position from p3 to p4 and promotes Calzo to the podium in p3

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • Alpumukt has 5 seconds removed for an unfair penalty. Promoting them from 10th to 9th.
  • Absence reprimand for Bulletboy for not notifying an admin before missing the race.


Brazil Stewards Review:

  • Varamyr and cookie: 2ppt and 10 seconds awarded to cookie for causing a moderate avoidable collision. This penalty does not affect the final race result.

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • No other incidents to report.