S5 EU3 – Penalties

If you accumulate 6, 9 and 12 points  you will be awarded a qualifying ban.
If you accumulate 12 points, the driver will in question will have their place in the league under review.

Penalty Points:

  • Purebladez: 1
  • Caveyy: 1
  • Stumpie: 1
  • Jay-Jig-Byrne: 2
  • BVG: 2
  • Titchyy: 2
  • Kelsterzwag: 4
  • Sneakytom: 3
  • Mattyrobbo: 1
  • Rikkiciardo: 3
  • Sygate: 1
  • Steve: 1

No Footage submissions: 

  • Caveyy: 1
  • Jay-Jig-Byrne: 1
  • BVG: 2
  • Conal: 1
  • Forzafredo: 1
  • Sygate: 1

Reprimands: Muzza: 

Formal Warnings: Steve: 2, BVG: 1,

Grid Penalty: 

Qualifying Ban:  ConallJB (Hungary),

Race Ban: 


Germany Stewards Review:

  • Radekonn and Sygate: No further action.
  • Rikki penalty appeal: warning and subsequent 3 second penalty removed. Promoting them to 4th

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • Conall’s qualifying ban transfers to the next race as he was absent.
  • 1ppt for steve for pressing x before the 1 minute wait time was complete.


USA Stewards Review:

  • Stumpie and Sneakytom: 1ppt and 5 seconds for Tom for a push to pass.
  • Titchyy and BVG: 1ppt and 5 seconds for BVG for dangerous driving with excessive weaving to defend position.
  • Sneakytom awarded a 5 second penalty for cutting the track and gaining a position.
  • Muzza and Stumpie: Racing Incident.

Sneakytom is demoted from 10th to 11th promotinng Forzafredo.

BVG is demoted to 2nd and Titchyy is promoted to 1st

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • Conal’s qualy ban moves on to Germany as he was absent for USA


Canada Stewards Review:

  • Sneakytom and Mattyrobbo: 1ppt and 5 seconds for Matty for a minor avoidable collision. This does not change the final result.
  • Forzafredo and Rikki: 3ppt and 15 seconds for Rikki for a major avoidable collision. This demotes Rikki to 10th place.
  • Rikki and Conal: Qualifying Ban for Conal for blocking a competitor on their hotlap.
  • Mattyrobbo, Conal and Kelsterzwag: Matty’s Penalty stands, Kelsterzwag awarded 1ppt and 5 seconds for a minor avoidable collision.
  • x427 and Sygate: 1ppt and 5 seconds for Sygate for causing a minor avoidable collision. Demoting Sygate to 5th and promoting Justin.

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • No other warnings for this event.


Britain Stewards Review:

  • Sneakytom and BVG: Racing Incident
  • Titchyy and Kelsterzwag: 1ppt and 5 seconds to Kelsterzwag for a minor avoidable collision.
  • Muzza penalty appeal: Remove 5 seconds
  • Stumpie penalty appeal: Remove 5 seconds
  • Bladez and Sneakytom: 2ppt for Sneakytom for dangerous driving while entering the pitlane. Also, Bladez to have 5 seconds removed.
  • Justin and fredo: Racing Incidents
  • Sneakytom and kelsterzwag: 3ppt and 15 seconds for Kelsterzwag for a major avoidable collision.

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • Penalty points for no footage awarded to: Fredo, BVG.
  • BVG and Steve both awarded a race ban for the next race they would take part in, They are both also given a formal warning for their appalling on track conduct.

The new final race result is: 1st, Stumpie, 2nd, Caveyy, 3rd, x427, 4th, Sygate, 5th, Radekonn, 6th, Muzza, 7th, Conal, 8th, Mattyrobbo, 9th, Purebladez, 10th, Titchyy14


Austria Stewards Reviews:

  • x427 and Titchyy: Titchyy recieves 2ppt and a 10 second penalty for causing a moderate avoidable collision.
  • Titchyy has 3 second removed from his overall race time,
  • Mattyrobbo and BVG: Racing Incident

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • BVG awarded a qualifying ban for going AI under the safety car


Azerbaijan Stewards Review:

  • Race result is to be made null and void due to a combination of a massive lap 1 pileup and then a server disconnection issue later in the race. No rerun is to be scheduled.
  • MPMotorsport removed from the league with immediate effect, for his involvement with the 1st lap crash and his conduct and attitude within the league chats.
  • As a result of the race being nullified all other incidents are being disregarded.

Other kind of Warnings:

  • No other warnings for this event.


Brazil Stewards Review:

  • Radekonn safety car restart: 1ppt and 3 second penalty for Bladez for causing a minor avoidable collision. The initial contact was viewed as a racing incident.
  • Jay-Jig-Byrne under safety car: Racing incident and 5 second penalty removed.
  • kelsterzwag: 5 second penalty removed.
  • MPMotorsport: 1 ppt and a qualifying ban for going into AI mode under the safety car and then not providing footage.
  • Lap 23 safety car restart: Caveyy 1ppt for not providing footage. Otherwise it is a Racing incident.
  • Stumpie and Mattyrobbo: Racing Incident.
  • Titchyy and Radekonn: 5 second penalty removed for rade.
  • Bladez total penalty from the race (19 seconds) is reduced by 7 seconds (12 seconds).
  • SteveAMG: Qualifying ban for Steve for retiring on track during the race.
  • Kelsterzwag: Muzza receives a reprimand for dangerous and overly aggressive defending.
  • x427 and Jay-Jig-Byrne: 1ppt and 3 seconds for Jay and an additional ppt for not providing footage.
  • x427 10 seconds removed from overall race time consisting of 2x 5 second penalties.

Other kinds of Warnings:

  • Formal Warnings for MPMotorsport and SteveAMG for not providing footage at the first time of asking and disrespecting the stewarding panel and system.

The results of these penalties change the results to the following: 1st: Caveyy 2nd Titchyy 3rd: x427 4th: Rikkiciardo 5th: Kelsterzwag 6th: Muzza 7th: Conal 8th: Radekonn 9th: Justin 10th: MPMotorsport