Season 2 – Tier 3 Penalties/Reprimands

If you accumulate 25 points, you will be awarded a qualifying ban.
If you accumulate 40 points, you will be awarded a one-race ban.
If you accumulate 50 points, your league position will be put under review, with the likely outcome of being removed from the league.

If you accumulate 3 reprimands, you will be dropped to reserves.

Penalty points:

PerryTheDog6: 5
NelesB54: 7,5
zachTDMgaming075: 10
matrix55: 10
MpMotorsport95: 10
iiV-Ross-iiV: 15
Dabclan: 27,5
sygate2010: 17.5
Th3DirtyDolph1n:  22.5


Absense Reprimands: 

Qualifying Bans: Dabclan6 (Has to be served in Mexico)

Race Bans:

Abu Dhabi steward reviews

  • Lap 1 (Danrobbo200)
    Verdict: All racing incidents
  • Lap 5 (Matrix55 vs. PerryTheDog6 + Danrobbo2000)
    Verdict: Matrix55 gets 10 points – Causing a moderate avoidable collision for returning to the track unsafely.
  • Lap 11 (MpMotorsport95 vs. Danrobbo2000)
    Verdict: MpMotorsport95 gets 5 points – Driving dangerously or unsportingly
  • Lap 12 (PerryTheDog6 vs. MpMotorsport95
    Verdict: 5 points – Causing a minor avoidable collision

Brazil steward reviews

  • Qualifying lap (Danrobbo2000 vs MPMotorsport)
    Verdict: racing incident – MPMotorsport did block Danrobbo2000 but Danrobbo2000 took a line which is not the racing line.
  • Lap 1 (Danrobbo2000 vs Dabclan6)
    Verdict Dabclan gets 22,5 points – 15 points – Causing a major avoidable collision + 7.5 points – Not being able to provide footage to the Stewards
  • iiV-Ross-iiV gets 15 points – Quitting out of a race without retiring first (not counting legitimate disconnections)

Mexico steward reviews

The race in Mexico will be rescheduled to the 4th of March. Dabclan6 will have to serve his qualifying ban in Mexico again.

United States steward reviews

  • Lap 22 (Dabclan crashed)
    Verdict: Qualifying ban – Deliberate crash into the wall.

Japan steward reviews:

  • Formation lap (Blank 101 got hit by Dabclan during formation lap)
    Verdict: 5 pps for Dabclan – Driving dangerously or unsportingly.
  • Lap 4 (Baltupai vs. Sygate (ghosted car) incident)
    Verdict: Racing incident, never expect a car is ghosting
  • Lap 11 (MpMotorsport95 wants time penalty removed)
    Verdict: Penalty removed placing MPMotorsport95 at the 4th position and Varamyr117 at the 5th position.
  • Lap 18 (Vish121 vs. NelesB54 incident)
    Verdict: NelesB54 gets 7,5 pps – Causing a minor avoidable collision + failing to wait for the affected driver.

Russia steward reviews:

  • Lap 1 zachTDMgaming075 vs iiV-Ross-iiV (drivers hit each other)
    Verdict: Racing incident;
  • Lap 1 PerryTheDog6 vs zachTDMgaming075 (drivers hit each other)
    Racing incident;
  • Lap 1 PerryTheDog6 resetting car on track
    Verdict: 5pps – Resetting car on track via game menu + 5 second time penalty for gaining time. Moving PerryTheDog to 3rd positions and matrix55 to 2nd position;
  • Lap 6 NelesB54 vs. sygate2010 (sygate2010 left no space)
    Verdict: sygate2010 gets 17.5pps – Causing a major avoidable collision + failing to wait for the affected driver;
  • Lap 12 NelesB54 (Deliberately crashing car)
    Verdict: Qualifying ban;

Singapore stewards reviews:

  • Singapore lap 14 (Baltupaipower vs zachTDMgaming075) Racing incident
  • Singapore lap 15 (Baltupaipower vs zachTDMgaming075) 10pps for zachTDMgaming075 – Causing a moderate avoidable collision
  • Singapore lap 30 (Vish121 vs zachTDMgaming075) Vish121 gets position back after zachTDMgaming075 hit vish and gaining an advantage in the last corner, before passing the finishing line.

Italy stewards reviews:

  • Th3DirtyDolph1n gets 7.5pps points for not providing stewards footage of his collision with Neles on lap 18.
  • Th3DirtyDolph1n gets 15pps for causing a major avoidable collision with power on lap 12.
  • danrobbo’s 5 sec time penalty reduced to 3 seconds turn 1 lap 12, which moves him up to 7th and vish down to 8th.
  • NelesB54 gets a qualifying ban in Singapore for blocking levitatingliam on his qualifying lap.