Currently, Contest of Speed operates 4 Tiers of racing each separate from each other but mirroring their formats. The season of racing will consist of 21 races driven around all the tracks used by the official Formula 1 world championship at 50% full race distance. However, new for season 4 we have randomised the race order, moving away from our tradition of following the calendars official order. We try to follow Formula 1 as closely as possible so our races use official rules and points systems including the bonus point for the fastest lap. We have adapted our racing regulations slightly to meet the requirements of racing on a video game rather than a real circuit, but we pride ourselves on keeping things as real as possible.

The 4 Tiers are split by region so at the moment we have 3 European tiers and 1 American. Drivers can compete in multiple regions but may only compete in 1 tier per region. So for example you could compete in the Americas Tier 1 and the European Tier 1. But you may not compete in both European Tiers 1 and 2.

At the end of every season the top 3 drivers from each tier will be promoted to the one above, subsequently to make space for them the bottom 3 drivers will be demoted. For Season 4 however, given that the Americas Tier is a single tier there will be no promotion or relegation enforced until a 2nd tier is established.

During season 3 we trialled a combined team championship, whereby all drivers from all tier compete against one another with their respective constructor choices. The points scored at each event by all the drivers are combined into a total for each constructor. So if Ferrari won the Tier 1 race and finished 3rd in both Tier 2 and 3 and then DNF the AM Tier 1 race then the team would score 55 points towards the combined championship.

At the end of each season there will be a drivers and constructors champion crowned for each tier as well as there being an overall constructors champion. The higher the finishing position of each driver in their respective tier, the higher on the list they are placed for choosing their teammate and car for the new season.

Finally, we reserve the right to promote and demote drivers from their tier if we feel their overall pace and/or performances would be better suited to a different tier. This is for their benefit as well as that of the racing in the tiers, as it gives people a chance to be part of competitive racing on their own level. That is after all what we all race for.