Currently in C.O.S we have 3 different Tiers (competitions) Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3.
In each Tier we have 20 confirmed drivers who race each week in calendar order. Beginning the week we have the Tier 3 drivers who race on Mondays, next up its the elite guys in Tier 1 who drive on Wednesdays , Tier 2 finishes the week off on Thursdays (all tier races start at 10pm uk time)
Beside the 3 different Tiers we also have a lot Reserve drivers. These drivers are asked to join a single race when one of the drivers is not able to make it.
In all cases Reserve drivers are asked FIRST. If more Reserve drivers are needed, in the case when Tier drivers are not able to drive, then Tier 2 drivers are asked to join the Tier 1 race as being a Reserve driver. It is NEVER possible that a Tier 1 driver will join Tier 2 as a driver and a Tier 2 diver will join Tier 3 as a driver.

All points gained by reserves count to the championships both driver and constructor.

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